Polysomnography with Oral Appliance

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If you believe you may be suffering from a sleep-related problem, the first step to improving your sleep health and quality of life is undergoing a sleep evaluation with a board certified sleep specialist. To learn more about sleep disorders or to schedule a home sleep study with eos sleep diagnostics in NYC, call 212.752.4345 or fill out the form on this page to request an appointment.

What is a polysomnography (PSG) with oral appliance?

A polysomnography (PSG) is sometimes done using an oral appliance in order to assess the degree of a patient’s snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) while an oral appliance is in place. Oral appliances are small mouth pieces that help improve a patient’s breathing ability during sleep and avoid the pauses in breathing associated with sleep apnea. Oral appliances are often used in place of a CPAP machine (also called a sleep apnea machine), when appropriate.

Why is a PSG with oral appliance performed?

A polysomnography with oral appliance may be beneficial for patients who:

  • Suffer from sleep apnea but are not CPAP compliant
  • Are good candidates for an oral appliance but have never tried one
  • Use an oral appliance but are unsure of its effectiveness

What does a sleep study with oral appliance?

A sleep study with an oral appliance can be done in a sleep lab facility, such as eos sleep diagnostics in NYC. The test is similar to a polysomnography, which requires a patient to stay in the hotel-like sleep lab for one night of testing.

During the testing, patients are comfortable and can go to sleep as they normally do, while a sleep specialist monitors their breathing and body functions throughout the night. After the study is complete, your results are evaluated by your sleep doctor and discussed with you during a follow-up appointment.

What are the benefits of undergoing PSG with oral appliance?

Benefits of undergoing a PSG with oral appliance at eos sleep diagnostics include the following:

  • Performed in a comfortable, private room
  • Takes only one night to complete
  • Patients are comfortable and can sleep as usual during testing
  • Identifies seizure and other sleep disorder problems
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