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If you are suffering from sleep apnea, the first step to improving your sleep health and quality of life is to undergo a sleep apnea evaluation with a board certified sleep specialist. To learn more about CPAP and CPAP alternatives or to schedule an appointment with eos sleep diagnostics in NYC, call 212.752.4345 or fill out the form on this page to request an appointment.

What is a CPAP machine?

A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine is a device used to help maintain an open airway during sleep. It is often recommended for patients who suffer from airway obstruction during sleep, also known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA inhibits a patient’s ability to breathe regularly and intake the oxygen necessary for high-quality sleep and optimal body functioning.

During sleep, the sleep apnea device, which is worn over the mouth and nose during sleep, produces positive air flow into the patient’s airway. This allows the patient’s airway to remain open throughout their sleep as well as delivers enough oxygen to keep the patient’s body at an optimal oxygen level.

How does a CPAP machine work?

The CPAP mask rests on a patient’s face while the CPAP machine delivers pressurized air through the mouth and nose, which keeps the airway from collapsing. In order to correctly calibrate the machine, your doctor may recommend that you undergo a CPAP titration study to determine the best level of pressure for your CPAP machine. This test is done during an overnight study at a sleep lab, such as eos sleep diagnostics.

A CPAP machine is made up of three parts, which consist of:

  • A large motor, which sits beside your bed as you sleep and supplies the device with constant, fresh oxygen
  • A small tube, which connects and transfers the oxygen from the machine into the mask
  • A CPAP mask, which fits over your mouth and nose, guiding the oxygen into your airway

Are there alternative sleep apnea treatment options?

CPAP therapy is widely-used and is considered the gold-standard in sleep apnea treatment. However, there are alternative sleep apnea devices in addition to CPAP therapy, such as sleep apnea mouthpieces. Your doctor may recommend sleep apnea treatment without CPAP if:

  • You have trouble adjusting to the amount of pressure given by the CPAP machine
  • You have difficulty exhaling while using the machine
  • You travel often and prefer a light-weight therapy option
  • You find the CPAP mask is uncomfortable on your face

What are the best CPAP alternatives?

There are a variety of treatment options available for those who are looking for alternatives to CPAP therapy. They range from non-invasive lifestyle changes to surgical procedures. Some of the options for CPAP alternative therapies include:

  • Positional therapy
  • Tongue retaining mouthpieces / sleep apnea mouth guard
  • Mandibular advancement devices
  • Pillar procedure
  • Nasal surgery
  • Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP)
  • Adenoidectomy

To determine the best option for you and your personal health needs, speak with your doctor or one of eos sleep diagnostics’ board certified sleep medicine physicians.

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